Introduction to Bagua Zhang

Bagua Zhang (8-trigram palm) begins with an understanding that the whole body is the palm. Like any Kung Fu, it is made up of a number of building blocks that include spiraling energy which emphasizes Chan Si Jin (reeling silk energy), Gun (rolling), Zhuan (turning), Zhen (thrusting) and Guo (wrapping) as well as ten stances. Fundamental training will include Bagua’s Fire-Water Stances, Twisting Energy and Foot-Walk.

Introduction to Baji Quan

Baji Quan (8-ultimate fist) combines explosive and penetrating power in such a way as to make it one of the most powerful Chinese Kung Fu styles. The method of training involves incorporating the power and spirit of the Bear and the Tiger in one’s movements. The essence of these animals is employed to develop explosive power that radiates outward in all directions. Early cannonballs would not explode until they first hit the ground. This contact with the ground is the Bear energy while the subsequent explosion is the Tiger.

In this 3-hour training session, Master Jason Tsou will give a thorough explanation and will teach the fundamentals of both Bagua Zhang and Baji Quan.

In order to advance the practice and continue the training for returning participants from 2017 camp, Master Tsou will add new elements to the program as follows: 

  • Bagua Zhang – focus on the 2-person set Kai Men Zhang, and also begin Bagua 64 palms
    Baji Quan – focus on the 2-person applications of Xiao Baji and its post training, and also begin Da Baji Quan
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