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Ying Zhao Fanzi Luohan Quan - Part I

Luohan Quan (Arhat Boxing) is a well known form of the Northern Eagle Claw System (Ying Zhao Fanzi). This is one of the forms developed by Chen Zizheng, known as the Eagle Claw King.


Luohan Quan is a comprehensive form which contains the Four Fighting Methods: Ti (kicking), Da (striking), Shuai (throwing and takedowns) and Na (controlling in the form of joint locks).

This was the first form Master Nick Scrima learned in the Eagle Claw System. He originally learned this set from Sifu Benson Lee in the early 1980s and later refined it over many years with Master Leung Shum. It remains a favorite routines and one that displays the characteristics of the Eagle Claw System.


In this training session, divided in two parts, Master Scrima will introduce participants to some of the most essential fundamental stances and techniques of Eagle Claw as well as the full routine with selected applications.

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