Chinese Martial Arts Training Camp

Liu He Bafa: Qi Gong, Basic Techniques & Form Training

Master Nick Scrima will be teaching a three-segment session on Liu He Ba Fa which he learned from Tao Ping Shiang, one of the eight senior disciples of Wu Yihui, who is regarded as the leading exponent of the system. Not as well known as Taiji, Xing Yi and Bagua, Liu He Ba Fa remains its own distinctive system. Master Tao preferred to call it Water Boxing, emphasizing that Liu He, The Six Harmonies, and Ba Fa, The Eight Methods, referred to the core principles. Master Scrima will introduce some basic techniques and Qi Gong exercises as well as teach the first half of the LHBF Form along with selected applications.

This material will be offered in 3 Parts:

  • Part I will be featured on Tuesday
  • Part II will be featured on Wednesday
  • Part III will be featured on Thursday

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