Chinese Martial Arts Training Camp

Physics in Martial Arts

A lot of classical martial arts language cloaks the essence it is trying to convey in language which we as modern people do not quite understand. This is particularly true when it is translated into western language. At the same time, the concepts being discussed are not magical. They are concepts which are easily understandable to us when phrased in terms of basic physics. For instance, when standing erect, the Dantian is our center of gravity and the employment of gravity and the proper use of reaction force coming from the Earth are essential to all styles.

Master Jason Tsou will give examples of different commonly known martial art phrases and explain them in terms of modern day physics. In this way he will seek to both demystify some of these concepts and also to provide the audience with a fuller grasp of how to apply these principles in various settings. He will also touch some areas of neural science (distraction, cross training the brain developing intent etc.) and their application to martial arts and the sue of martial physics.

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