Chinese Martial Arts Training Camp

Liu He Ba Fa - Part I

Liu He Ba Fa, literally Six Harmonies Eight Methods Boxing, is a form of internal Chinese martial arts. It has been called “Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa” and is also referred to as Water Boxing due to its principles. The form trains the practitioner to master the mind and intent through the Six Harmonies by utilizing Eight Methods as tools. The practitioner can expect to improve mind and breathing internally while building the physical body. The concept of leading by intent drives Liu He Ba Fa’s execution, leading to clean lines, flexible mind and body, and stable movement. The result is a combination of beauty and martial function through changing pace, high and low movements, open and closing of the body and mind into a seamless and effortless form. Master Liu Xiaoling will teach the basics of the system and then lead practitioners through a portion of the Liu He Ba Fa form.

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