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Ba Fan Shou: Precursor to Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Ba Fan Shou (8 Overturning Hands), also know by various other names such as Ba Fa Quan, Ba Fan Quan and Ba Shan Fan, is said to have originated with General Yue Fei of the Southern Sung Dynasty and transmitted through several generations of masters to Liu Shijun, who was highly skilled and is considered a patriarch of the modern Eagle Claw System and its forerunner Ba Fan Shou.

Ba Fan Shou's fighting strategy is to catch the opponent’s lead wrist. In an attack, the catch is employed as soon as the opponent blocks the initial punch or strike. In defense, the catch is used immediately after blocking the opponent’s strike. In each case, speedy punches and strikes are coupled with tripping and sweeping techniques so as not to give the opponent any quarter or chance for recovery. This fighting strategy can be clearly seen in modern Ying Zhao Fan Zi (Eagle Claw Kung Fu).

Master Scrima will lead participants in basic stance training and techniques as well as several Lu's (rows) of Ba Fan Shou. Detailed applications will also be taught and the concept of Fan explored.

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