Chinese Martial Arts Training Camp

Yang Style Taiji San Shou - Taiji Partner Form


The Yang Style Taiji San Shou partner form is a real treasure of Chinese martial arts. Master Scrima learned it from Master Tao Ping Shiang. The form not only teaches all of the fighting techniques found in the traditional Yang Style Long Form but it emphasizes the quintessential Taiji skills of: sensing, sticking, neutralizing and redirecting. The learning of this form will add a deeper understanding of your solo practice.

Taiji San Shou will be offered in 3 parts:

  • Part I will be featured on Tuesday afternoon
  • Part II will be featured on Wednesday afternoon
  • Part III will be featured on Thursday afternoon

With each training session, Master Scrima, will build and expand not only by adding new movements, but by expanding on the essential qualities of the routine.  Participants will walk away with a good grasp of the structure and purpose of training the form as well the history regarding the froms origins as taught to him by Master Tao Ping Shiang.

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