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Fu Style Bagua Zhang - Form & Applications

In each of the separate morning sessions, Master Nick Gracenin will give detailed instruction in the unique Fu style Sixiangquan. Fu Yonghui created the Sixiangquan routine after years of teaching and research. He noted that routines existed for Wuji, Taiji, Liangyi, Bagua, and the five elements, but not the four emblems.

Sixiangquan is divided into four sections. Taiji contains many of the major skills of Taijiquan, the same can be said of the Liangyiquan section, the Xingyiquan section contains the five elements and the twelve animals, and the Baguazhang section has four palms of Yin Bagua and four of Yang Bagua. When practiced as a whole set, Sixiangquan is a way to train the primary techniques of all four components of the Wudang system.

This training session will focus on Fu Style Bagua Zhang Form & Application.

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